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Photofoil™ Digital Transfers

What is Heat Transfer?
Heat transfer printing is a form of product decorating that uses heat, dwell time and pressure to apply pre-printed graphics from a pre-printed carrier. Heat Transfer printing has become a preferred choice for customers looking for a simplified, cost effective, high quality, consistent product decoration. We produce transfers in to different formats Digital and Silkscreen.

Digital Heat Transfers

A digital printed transfer is a process that we have been using for 12 years the process that integrates digital printing technology into the product marking industry. Digital technology allows for variable data and personalisation to be integrated into Heat transfer printing. Consecutive numbers, bar codes and sequencing can be meta dated into the artwork. Unlike screen print transfers which is a solvent ink system the digital transfers is a dry toner system. Our system offers Pantone euro bridge spot colours and high resolution 1200dpi photo reproduced graphic quality. Here are just some of the main advantages of using Digital Transfers...
  • Low origination costs
  • Very short lead times
  • Full high-res picture quality printing (1200dpi)
  • Highly competitive for short runs & long runs
  • Ease and speed of application
  • For small prints and large prints
  • Apply at the press
  • Fast low cost sampling / test marketing
  • No drying
  • Solvent free
  • Reduce work in progress
  • Eco friendly
  • Variable meta data


The high-precision LED-based imaging also features 1200dpi resolution with variable dot density, generating high definition image quality with smooth tone transitions for photorealistic high-impact transfers, while exceptionally sharp and crisp details enable the addition of pin-sharp micro text. An in-line densitometer provides uniform and accurate colours and perfect registration to guarantee colour consistency. Our digital press uses the latest contact fusing technology to provide exceptional high quality transfers without the need to produce costly films and plates.
We produce both digital and silkscreen transfers, the advantage with silkscreen is that you are able to produce metallics and match all of the spot colours using the Pantone Matching System. The company we use for matching our inks is a fully approved worldwide Pantone Licensee, both of these are applied using conventional hot foiling techniques, creating full colour graphics at high speed.

The printed moulding can be handled, assembled and pack instantly after printing making the solution ideal for in line production i.e. mould > print > assemble > pack > dispatch. Our system offers reduced cycle times and a technique that is simpler than in-mould decoration.
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